Japh Komassa founded Great Lakes Futon in 1979 with it's first location on the corner of Ogden and Farwell on Milwaukee's East Side.  Enjoying steady growth, the store moved in 1986 to Milwaukee's 3rd Ward at 301 North Water Street, and expanded to a second location in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Great Lakes Futon West opened in Flagstaff AZ in 1996. The launch of Great Lakes Futons website continues its sale of fine futon and tatami  products throughout the Country.

Japh's interest in the craft of futon-making took him to Japan in 1989, where he stayed with futon master Shegeki Nakazawa, his wife Atsuko and their two sons Taro and Yutski.  There he learned their techniques for making traditional Japanese futons where the Japanese roll out their futons on tatami mats every night to sleep.  Today Japh continues to work closely with his friend of 25 years, Thomas Yan, who makes traditional style futons and imports tatami and other traditional Japanese home furnishings.

You can reach Japh on his cell phone at 928-600-6947 or if you are in the Milwaukee area you can reach him at his home at 414-607-0511. He will be happy to talk to you about your futon questions!